Issue 83 - 18/09/14

Dear Parents

Introductions are over, new exercise books have been started, homework is underway, clubs have commenced and curriculum projections are out: Michaelmas Term is in full flow!  Pupils have quickly settled into the School's routines and a good start has been made in lessons by all classes. 

Thank you for a smooth start everybody!
I am grateful to parents for reading all the information recently sent out, returning slips and helping us get the administration of a new school year smoothly completed.  Most pupils are arriving in School on time now. Despite local traffic increasing of late, families have allowed extra time for the School journey.  The 8.30am bell which is rung is the signal for parents to leave the playground area.  The 8.40am bell marks the formal start of School and any pupil arriving after that time is marked in late.

Winter uniform & School Bags
Winter uniform must be worn from Monday 22 September.  Boys should wear long trousers, whilst girls wear grey school regulation skirts or pinafores with School checked blouses.  I encourage all pupils to continue wearing School blazers throughout the whole of the year.  I would also encourage pupils in Key Stage Two to use backpack style school bags as these are so much better for young bodies. Satchels and shoulder bags with very long shoulder straps put adverse pressure onto the back.  We have School backpacks available at a much reduced price of £6.50, in an effort to promote young children's back health.  Just call or email the School Office to place an order.

News from the classes
Year Six pupils started with pupils completing a questionnaire to advise their tendency to audio-, visual- or kinaesthetic learning to help them consider the various ways in which they access information when learning; this will help to highlight the study method most suited for them. Our Science topic on the Heart and Circulatory system has prompted lively class discussion and pupils.  Mrs Dreyer is very pleased with the enthusiasm and positive attitude of our Year Six pupils and judging by the class quiz we had, she foresees good debates and general knowledge this year, with pupils who are so eager to learn and willing to give their best effort in all areas. Indeed a very good start to their last year at primary school!

Year Five have started their new Science topic 'Materials' by investigating the characteristics of different substances such as glass, wire, metal and plastic around the school and at home, discussing their suitability for purpose.  In addition we have started an Autumn theme in Art lessons, creating collages of animals and plants using a mixture of paper and natural items such as leaves and pine cones. We are delighted to welcome back Jude Alton to the class as well as our new members: Mary Proctor and Teddy Hatlem.

Year Four seem to be thoroughly enjoying their Literacy lessons, which have been supported by our fantastic new teaching resources.    The scope for discussion between themselves about the various areas within the story we are reading has created some interesting and lively debates and led to some excellent opinions being expressed.  We aim to help pupils make well constructed written responses in Literacy but we also keep a focus on the need to formulate structure and salient verbal responses too.

Year Three have settled exceptionally quickly into the new routines of Key Stage Two and have thrown themselves into class work and extracurricular activities with great enthusiasm. We conducted our first Science experiment in the darkness of the PE store.  Unsurprisingly, this caused great excitement! We discovered that the brightness of torchlight changes depending on the distance it is shone. We are already in the throes of preparing our class assembly and feel very honoured to be leading St Peter's School Harvest Festival on Thursday 2nd October, to which all parents of pupils in 3JC are invited. The assembly starts at 10.25am and we look forward to it being an opportunity to give thanks for all that we have through the singing, acting and enthusiasm of our very keen Year Three class.

Year Two have settled in well and have made a good start to their curriculum. During the first week, the children wrote interesting and funny postcards to Curious George telling him all about their summer holidays. Mrs McCahill and Mrs Ward have been very impressed with the efforts pupils have made in their handwriting, spelling and punctuation.

Year One made a very enthusiastic start in their recent Geography lesson. An initial question posed was "Where do you live?" By the end of the lesson, after much discussion and considering some slides on the white board, we had a variety of different answers, including 'on planet Earth', 'in Europe' and 'down the road near the fields next to the people who live next door.' Some very interesting addresses were generated!

We welcomed a lovely group of children into Reception last week, including Teegan, Georgie, Mariangela and Simangaliso, who are new to St Peter's. It was lovely to see children greeting old friends from Nursery when they arrived on the first day, and making friends with our new children. We had a busy first week, learning to write our names, going on a minibeast hunt, and counting using the new interactive whiteboard. The children were excited to count out and give cakes to a giant hungry Teddy bear!

Children in Sunnylands Nursery have shown themselves to be eager to explore all the activities on offer. One of their favourite activities so far was the making of celery and Stilton soup: they chopped potatoes, celery, onion and cheese and all fingers were accounted for!  Even more new furniture and resources have been installed into Sunnylands Nursery, making it look so bright and vibrant- a perfect, child friendly environment for the children to begin their educational life. If you have friends who are interested in Nursery then do please recommend they contact the School to arrange a visit soon!


The second part of the PTAFA AGM took place earlier this week.  There are some super events planned and I encourage all School families to come along to them again this year.  They offer such fun for the children and a great way to get to know fellow parents.


The next bulletin will be issued on 2nd October.

           Yours sincerely
            Mrs Maria Chapman