Issue 95 - 04/06/15

Dear Parents

And suddenly here we are at the last portion of the current academic year!  This seven week section is busy, busy, busy and I have a hunch that your child/ren will be ready for a rest and a lovely, long and hopefully sunny summer break…..but not yet. :)  We have pupils in Year Two currently completing their SATs, children in Year One are in the process of taking PIPs assessments and Reception Class will also soon be taking part in PIPs ‘end of Reception Year’ assessments.  Year Six pupils still have some internal SAT style writing papers to complete and there is a good deal of work we want to get through with all pupils in the full range of timetabled subjects.  All in all, the sun may be shining but the work ethic remains firm.  Fortunately there is also plenty of sport during this half term, to give boys and girls the opportunity to develop strength, speed and stamina too!

Read on for a round-up of news from the end of last half term, as well as some reminders about what is coming up in the next few weeks:

Adventures and fun in Wales for Y5 & Y6 pupils
Just before half term a tired but very happy group of Year Five and Year Six pupils, together with Mr Holmes and Mrs Van Rensburg, returned from a residential trip, having spent five days in South Wales undertaking some exciting physical and mental challenges. Abseiling, bush craft, orienteering, caving, climbing, and a waterfall walk were just some of the activities that served to build up confidence, stamina and team spirit.  To relax in the evenings there were activities such as swimming, a canal walk, a quiz, a hill walk and a talent show. I am pleased to report that all pupils eventually slept well; the average time of eyelids closing was (to the joy of the teachers) a little earlier each night! Mr Holmes and Mrs Van Rensburg were most impressed by our pupils’ determination, as there were tough challenges involved.  One of the hardest for some was to keep their rooms tidy! :)  I have a hunch that many happy memories were created on this trip. I thank Mr Holmes and Mrs Van Rensburg for being away from their own families during a whole week in order to give the pupils this unforgettable and valuable experience.  Look out for a display of photographs on Founders Day.

PTAFA Update
The PTAFA have been busy planning the last few events of this academic year. Sunday, with its sunny forecast, sees the Titchmarsh Treasure Trail, a walking hunt around the pretty village, looking for clues and pursuing the pleasure of a cream tea. We hope all the budding gardeners out there are preparing their miniature gardens ready Mr Bosworth to judge! Please read your Parentmail for further details of these events. Friday 19th June is the date for the Father's Day Stall, for children from Reception upwards. You are encouraged to look out for the forthcoming letter so that gifts can be organised. The first part of the PTAFA’s  AGM will be held on 29th June at 7.30pm in the School hall. This meeting will include the election of officers for the next year. If you would like more details, wish to stand or make a nomination then please contact Mrs Rachel Furnell (Chair) or Mrs Philippa Walshaw (secretary).

Sugar Swap Challenge
Well done to all those who took part in the Sugar Swap Challenge recently, and a challenge it certainly was!  Pupils found this one hard-going, which perhaps also serves to demonstrate how easily and surreptitiously sugar creeps into our diets and becomes a ‘hard to break’ habit from an early age.  I am delighted to declare that over £100 was raised for Diabetes UK.  Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser.

Come to the Fruity Treats Stall on Friday
If the Sugar Swap Challenge was something you felt wasn’t easy then here is something that I hope even the most reluctant fruit lover will find achievable.  In a bid to support our School Councillors’ Sugar Swap Challenge, Fantastic Mr Fountain has had his recipe books out and his assistant Mrs Cottrell has been scouring the internet, all to find ways of persuading us all that sweet treats do not have to be covered in chocolate! Come to the Fruity Treats Stall after School on Friday and prepare to have your sugar craving catered for in a healthy way.

Class Assemblies from Reception Class and 1KS
We had a most memorable School Assembly led by Reception Class just before the half term break.  The theme was holidays. Through Music, Art, Drama, Geography and History we were told all about leisure travel now and then.  Obviously the hard facts were delightfully represented in Reception Class’s own inimitable fashion, to the delight of fellow pupils and proud parents.  One class assembly in a week is a treat indeed, but to have two is glorious, and Year One astonished us with their impressive grasp of different languages, countries of the world, their customs, culture and flags. Well done to all pupils in these classes!

Key Stage Two Summer Concert
This year our Summer Concert showcased a broad variety of music-making, representing just some of the curricular and extra-curricular work. Music should be exciting, daring, sensitive, emotive and inspirational.  It should never be dull.  It should create an emotional response and touch the audience in some way. All of these boxes were ticked on the evening of the Summer Concert, when Mrs Cruickshank and pupils in Key Stage Two performed for us.  We heard pupils in four part singing, vocal solos, ocarina consorts, piano solos, guitar groups, violin solos and recorder ensembles as well as arrangements of music from the BBC music initiative Ten Pieces.  There was some movement to accompany the music too, with a lovely ballet sequence from three of Miss Chatwin’s ballet students, and a memorable street-style dance setting to a movement piece created by Year Six.  All in all, this was an unforgettable concert.

Important uniform update
We will be introducing a new style of School tracksuit in the next academic year, which will be available from September 2015.  The old style tracksuit will be phased out during the academic year 2015/16 and we all children should be wearing the new style by September 2016.  The new tracksuit will be similar in colour to the current one, with St Peter’s light blue panel inserts in the tracksuit top.  The cost will be the same.  The old style will remain on sale at a reduced price should you need to purchase any items before September 2015. 

A longer bulletin than usual indicates a very busy school and this is certainly the pace of the remaining weeks of Trinity Term.  The next bulletin will be issued on 18th June.

Olympic swimmer Joe Roebuck visits St Ps on Tuesday
Pupils are very excited at the prospect of swimmer Joe Roebuck visiting us on Tuesday.  He will present an assembly, aiming to inspire pupils to be resilient, determined and focused on their short term and long term goals, not just in physical fitness but in all aspects of life. Before that, pupils will be challenged to take part in a fitness circuit, based on four activities, using modified training exercises completed by GB Olympians.  The activities are suitable for all primary aged pupils of all fitness levels.  This is for all pupils and the school timetable has been modified so that this session can take place in each class’s PE session. There is a sponsorship element to the activity too.  Funds raised are shared between the school and who use their funding to support young athletes training for the next Olympics who are on low incomes.   For our part, we would like to raise as much as possible so that our share of this fundraiser can be used to further enhance our pupils’ sporting experience, by introducing even more new equipment to support new fitness opportunities for all our pupils. Over the year, boys and girls have taken part in many charity events and raised a great deal to help others. Now it is time to focus on ourselves!  Children, remember that on Monday you should take your PE kit home after school because you need to wear it to school on Tuesday.

St Peter’s School Athletics Team at the ISA championship
We are hopeful that Joe Roebuck will be able to get to us from Leicester early enough to give our Athletics Team a chance to also take part in the challenge, before they set off for Birmingham to represent us at this rescheduled event (hence the date clash!)  If not, then at least they have the excitement of such a special day with which to console themselves!  Results will feature in the next bulletin.  Good luck to our team: Alexander Bowie, Asher & Kiran Conway, Oliver Laskey, Joshua Nyoni, Orla Drury, Casey Lim, Millie Webb, Anna Lomas, Zana Paynter, Ashleigh Meadows, Thao Mi Nguyen, Alice Champion, Montague MacPhee, Oliver Taylor, Ryan Lewin, Teddy Hatlem, Cyrus Birch, Samuel Buckenham, Ali Altunkaynak, Elliott Furnell, Daisy Styles, Ava Brammer, Bella  Sieunarine and Aneesa Wickremasinghe

Tag Rugby ‘friendly’ matches before half term
Mr Holmes is delighted to report that glorious sunshine and a mini Tag-Rugby competition on the final Friday afternoon was a great way to round off Assessment Week. We welcomed Hawthorn Community School and Naseby C of E’s teams, who were as excited to attend as our pupils were at welcoming them to St Ps for these friendly matches.  There were four teams in total, each playing three games. What a spectacle! About forty children participated and at least as many parents and carers were present to cheer on their respective teams in a very fair and supportive way. All the pupils seemed to enjoy the games and St Peter's team, with one victory and two very narrow defeats, were by no means disappointed with the afternoon's exertions. Well done everyone for taking part and thank you to those who came to support.

Summer Games Afternoons in KS2 next week
This year our Summer Games events take place on Wednesday 10th June and Thursday 11th June.   There will be competitions in rounders and kwik cricket on both days.    The rounders games will take place on the grass area of Sunnylands, with the kwik cricket matches being played on the tennis courts near the Infant building.  Children will need to come to School on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th June wearing games kit, including house t-shirt. Pupils may also bring water to have throughout the day (in a name-labelled container please) and any lucky mascots are also welcome to attend! Parents are welcome to come and support their children on either or both days from 1:45pm. .

            Yours sincerely
          Mrs Maria Chapman