Issue 92 - 20/03/15

Dear Parents

With just under a week until the end of Lent Term there is little chance of the pace of school life slowing up.  I am hopeful that the forthcoming school holiday will be filled with good weather, affording our boys and girls the opportunity to enjoy plenty of fresh air and good quality sleep too!  Read on for a roundup of our latest exciting school news.  This bulletin is a double edition because there is so much to share with you all.

Kettering & District Eisteddfod
Well done to our entrants this year.  I am so very proud of you all and thank you for representing your School, putting in so much hard work to prepare for competitions.  It is my view that each and every pupil achieved a personal best by getting up on stage in a very formal (yet friendly) setting, showing the courage to present their music or poetry to an audience.  On Wednesday we will bring the School together for a time of celebration and congratulation, with all entrants being acknowledged for their accomplishments.

Speech & Drama Competition Results
In Verse Speaking 7 & Under, a big ‘well done’ goes to Varnikaa Sengar and Fred McCrone, and also to Agastya Ghosh, who was placed 3rd.  We congratulate Jerome Birch, Hamza Nauman, Chloe Potts, Isabel Dobbs, Calypso Sellekaerts, Simone Sieunarine and also Dalitso Mlia who was placed 3rd in Verse Speaking 6 & Under.  Well done to Anna Lomas and to Casey Lim who was awarded 3rd place in the first competition of Verse Speaking 10 & Under.  In the second Verse Speaking 10 & Under competition Orla Drury was commended and Esha Nath was placed 3rd.  A commended certificate was awarded to Emily Laskey in the 10 Years & Under Reading at Sight competition.  Emily decided to take on some additional classes too!  In the second Verse Speaking 7 & Under competition well done to Bella Sieunarine, and also to James McDonald for being awarded 2nd place, with Naisha Pandey winning the competition and reciting her poem so brilliantly at the Eisteddfod Prize Winners Concert on Saturday!  In Verse Speaking 9 & Under we applaud Zana Paynter, Ruby Allen and Nicola Heekin, all of whom received commended certificates.  In Verse Speaking 8 & Under congratulations to Ava Brammer, Thomas Holford, Grace Irwin, Daisy Styles, Gerda Mhunduru, and also to Ali Altunkaynak who was placed 3rd and Aneesa Wickremasinghe, who came 2nd.  There was a new separate competition for much younger competitors: Verse Speaking 5 & Under entered by Victor Knight, Oscar Potts and Aryan Nath, who was very proud to be placed 3rd! My thanks to class teachers for hearing children and to parents who, in requesting the School to enter children, undertake the bulk of the work required in preparation; regular practice at home.

Thank you to so many loyal parents for their support at the Group Speaking competitions on Thursday and for their encouraging comments to pupils and staff.  We were placed 2nd the Group Speaking 8 & Under and 3rd in the Group Speaking 11 & Under.  Well done to all the pupils and also to their very proud teachers, Mrs Van Rensburg and Mr Holmes, who both worked hard (in between everything else they do!) to get their groups ready.

Instrumental & Vocal Results
A whole series of piano competitions opened this section of the Eisteddfod.  Well done to Naisha Pandey, Bella Sieunarine and Varnikaa Sengar for taking part in the first Piano Solo 7 & Under, and to Ava Brammer for being part of the Piano Solo 8 & Under competition. Grace Hillis won the second Piano Solo 7 & Under with a very high 87 marks.  Reeve and Casey Lim were 2nd in the Piano Duet 11 & Under.  Ruby Allan was runner up in the Piano Solo 9 & Under and Nicole Mukhtar made a super effort in the 108 & Under Piano Solo.  It was a family affair once more in the Piano Solo 11 & Under with Reeve in 3rd place and big sister Casey as runner up.  Casey also came 2nd in the Piano Solo 12 & Under and won the 14 & Under competition, with Reeve as runner up.  Showing great courage in tackling competitions for older age ranges, Reeve was 3rd and Casey 2nd in the 16 & Under Piano Solo and to complete this feat, Casey was runner up in the 18 & Under competition!

Well done to our budding Key Stage One ocarina player, all who only started playing the instrument in September!  Congratulations to Tabitha Fray, Calypso Sellekaerts, Barnabas Toth, Hamza Nauman and Simon Sieunarine.  Sanjita Kurapati and Jerome Birch were placed joint 3rd, Grace Hillis was 2nd and Harriet Dunn won the competition. Made up of all our soloists and Sophie Buckenham, the Key Stage One ocarina group received a commended certificate, as did the Key Stage Two group.   Our Key Stage Two ocarina players were Agastya Ghosh, Varnikaa Sengar, Finlay Ward, Aneesa Wickremasinghe, James Macdonald and Thomas Holford.  Well done to them all, and also to Samuel Buckenham in 3rd place, Naisha Pandey in 2nd place and Bella Sieunarine who won the competition with an impressive 86 marks.

Well done to Tabitha Fray for entering her first ever violin competition and to Grace Hillis for winning the Violin Solo Under 8 class.  Reeve Lim won the Under 10 Violin competition and Casey came 2nd in the Under 11.

In recorder competitions, Sam Buckenham won the Solo 8 & Under and in the Solo 9 & Under, Alice Champion was 3rd.  Well done also to Zana Paynter and Reeve Lim, who came 2nd.  Naomi Cragg and Zana were joint 3rd in the Instrumental Ensemble class with Ruby Allan, Naomi Cragg & Ashleigh Meadows. In Recorder Solo 10 & Under, Esha Nath was 3rd and Casey Lim was runner-up.  Reeve Lim was runner up in the String Solo 12 & Under, Casey was first in string solo 14 & Under, then in Open String solo, Reeve was runner-up and Casey was awarded 1st place.

In the 8 & Under solo vocal competition, well done to Gerda Mhunduru and also to runner up Bella Sieunarine and winner Daisy Styles. In Vocal Solo 9-10 years, congratulations to Montague MacPhee, Nicola Heekin, Anna Lomas, Thao Mi Nguyen and also to Teddy Hatlem (3rd), Casey Lim (2nd) and winner Nicole Mukhtar. In group singing, St Peter’s School Choir achieved high scores of 87 in each of their competitions, all of which were awarded first place.  We had fantastic parent support on the day, which always encourages our pupils to give that little bit more. 

Kettering Eisteddfod Friends for a Fiver
Would you be prepared to become a “Friend” of Kettering & District Eisteddfod to help the organisation continue to run in coming years and to help with the running costs?  If you would like to contribute a minimum of £5 per person you will in return also be kept up to date with all the news (by email) and you will receive a FREE complimentary day ticket, which will be available for you to collect from the admission desk at the Salvation Army Citadel at next year’s festival. The link to download a form to become A Friend for a Fiver is

World Book Day

The camera does not lie.  Fun was had by all and a love of reading was celebrated in style!

Health and Safety warning regarding children climbing trees at the end of the School Day
Far be it for the Headmistress to want to spoil the fun and freedom of childhood but I am concerned that some parents are allowing children to climb trees, play on the adventure playground or Wendy House while they are chatting to fellow parents and not therefore watching.  Please supervise your child at the end of the school day so that everyone is happy and safe.

I wish families a blessed Easter and I look forward to welcoming pupils back to School for Trinity Term on Monday 13th April.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Maria Chapman

Hard work pays off with a lovely treat from PTAFA
After such a busy and successful half term, pupils have a very special reward to look forward to on Tuesday.  The PTAFA have funded each class to have a session delivered by The Happy Puzzle Company, where their powers of deduction will be teased by a variety of challenges, which require teams to work together and carefully develop strategies in order to find a solution. If the temptation to give up starts to appear, the programme teaches the students how to persevere, put their own skills to better use as part of a team and overcome difficulties by approaching problems from different perspectives.  Thank you PTAFA for giving our children the opportunity to have a Puzzle Challenge session.

Dance Until Your Nose
Goes Red for Comic Relief!
At the time of writing pupils are limbering up for a dance event with a difference.  We are looking forward to all manner of silly shapes being thrown on the dancefloor as boys and girls explore the less sane aspects of moving to music.  I am hopeful that a few teachers out there will want to show them how it’s done.  Of course, photographic evidence can be provided if the price is right.  Perhaps a few hefty donations to Comic Relief might sway me?

ISA Regional Under 9
Tag Rugby
On a gloriously sunny Tuesday last week, Mr Holmes, Mrs Tye and a team of Year Three and Year Four boys and girls travelled to Strafford Prep School on Tuesday last week to take part in this competition for the first time.   Our team held their own in most of the games, managing to score in every match and celebrating a win too! Thank you to Mr Wickremasinghe who attended and constantly encouraged and cheered our team’s efforts.  Mr Holmes report that the team ran their hearts out and gave their all during the day- he was very proud of them!

2MW leads an impressive
School Assembly
We were astounded at the slick presentation given by this vibrant group of children, who very ably presented a drama explaining why Florence Nightingale’s work is held in such high esteem by the nation.  Interestingly, the children also subtly juxtaposed Victorian society’s unwillingness to accept the help of another nurse, Mary Seacole. They shared song, drama, facts and superb acting, rounding everything off with an ocarina recital.  Parents and teachers were justifiably proud of this enthusiastic class.

The partial solar eclipse
earlier today

Older pupils were able to watch some of the televised moments when sun was obscured by moon.  In the meantime the Headmistress and the Site Supervisor crouched on the playground gazing at the solar spectacle’s reflection in a bowl of water in the vain hope of being able to capture a St Ps image to share with you all in this bulletin.  Suffice to say that it was not possible to do so, but I sense that children in School had a good and safe flavour of the occasion.  Sunnylands Nursery children sat under their covered play area and listened out for the bird song, noticing how it changed as the light decreased, and how the temperature dropped. 

Winter Games Afternoons
I have been impressed with Key Stage Two pupils’ sterling efforts in aiming to secure wins for their Houses during games of football, tag rugby, Hi 5 netball and hockey.  There were some fantastic sporting moments to behold and a sense that each and every pupil was able to gain a sense of achievement overt the course of the two afternoons.  After further scores being available today the final score line indicates that Grafham are the overall winners.  There is everything to play for though, with the Swimming Gala, Summer Games Day and Sports Day still to come during our very sporty Trinity Term. The final Winter Games Afternoon was made all the more special by the statuesque Aviva cup, which presided over the day, courtesy of its current holders, rugby champions Northampton Saints.

PTAFA Easter Challenge:
Design an Easter Hat
I am hopeful that over the Easter break pupils will be letting their creativity run free, designing their Easter hats in preparation for the PTAFA’s fantastic competition.  There is an entry fee to help PTAFA fund raising for the School.  Forms were emailed earlier today and a hard copy is also in your child’s school bag.  Remember children, however elaborate the design, you must be able to wear the hat!

Key Moments - out soon!
Watch out for the new edition of our School magazine Key Moments, issued at the start of Trinity Term

Term dates/uniform: 

Remember that the last day at School this term is Wednesday 25th March.  Sunnylands Nursery is open on the morning of 26th March for all its children. The first day of Trinity term is Monday 13th April. Pupils should still be in winter uniform.  The first day for summer uniform is Tuesday 5th May