Issue 91 - 26/02/15

Dear Parents

After a half term break from school and time for those many children (and some of our teachers) who fell prey to the Kettering lurgy just before the holiday to recover and regain energy, here we are  back at St P’s eager to get on with Lent Term.  This is a short second half of term with a great deal packed into it.  Brace yourselves for this second half of the academic year….one blink and it will have swept by, so I do hope that we all savour every minute!

The Pied Piper
For a moment last term we thought we had a major vermin problem at school, but perhaps the excitement of the School production was just getting to us all a little bit.  There were rats everywhere! A rat curtain created by art work from children in all year groups,  some excellent clay modelled rats and an engaging wall display about the poem written by Robert Browning were just some of the ways in which our School production of The Pied Piper of Hamelin inspired work in other curriculum areas. 
Words can never accurately convey the magic that is created by a live performance.  The dress rehearsal we give to the pupils in Sunnylands Nursery, Reception Class and Key Stage One is always a special moment, when the hard work is first shared with fellow pupils.  Seeing the excited and eager eyes of our young audience is thrilling. The two evening performances were a sell-out which was just as well because the performances I witnessed on those nights, albeit from the back as a member of the band, were exceptional.  It is easy to forget that we are a little independent primary school when I see the standard of the productions given by the pupils and staff at the School.  The Pied Piper was top quality. Acting was excellent, comic timing was perfect- particularly from children so young, and as ever, the singing was astonishing.  I shall never forget this production and I believe that, as with previous productions, those children involved will always remember what they did with a sense of great pride.  Well done Production Club and thank you to everyone who helped make this show the success it was! 

Longer days mean more play!
We have a ‘football friendly’ lined up against Naseby CEVA Primary School on Wednesday 4th March.    Then on Tuesday 10th March a team travel to Stafford Preparatory School to take part in the ISA U9 Tag Rugby Tournament. Good luck to all our teams.  Play hard!

Fair Trade Assembly
Today, to tie in with Fair Trade Fortnight we had a guest speaker at our School Assembly to talk to the children about the benefits of fair trade to the world and its local communities.  There was a question and answer session for pupils in Year Five and Year Six followed by a Healthy Eating activity in Sunnylands Nursery, when fruit kebabs were made using fairly traded produce.

Kettering and District Eisteddfod is on 11th -14th March
Pupils should be busy at home practicing their poems, songs and music for the various competitions in which they are competing.  Assembly times are being used over the next couple of week to give pupils a chance to perform in front of a large group to help them prepare for the formality of competition.  Once again there is a remarkable showing of St Ps pupils within the Eisteddfod programme. Good luck to everyone involved. I look forward to giving you a run-down of results in the next bulletin which will be issued on 19th March.

Safer Internet Day
This special day provided us with an opportunity to remind pupils about ‘safe surfing’ and the correct protocol when engaging in social media.  I refer parents to the email sent out on 10th February which contained a number of links that can be accessed to help raise your awareness of the need to monitor internet use at home and support children in becoming aware of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour when on-line.

Year Four lead School Assembly
Before half term we were entertained with a fabulous performance of “The Bogey Men and the Trolls Next Door” a story in the form of narrative verse by Kaye Umansky. The text comes directly from the poetry work Year Four has been engaged in, as part of their new Literacy scheme of work.  The children had been taught also how to prepare themselves for presenting a poem, so they began their assembly by doing some warm up exercises. The ensuing performance was memorable for all of us. World Book Day
Parents will have already received an email yesterday announcing our plan to offer this year’s World Book Day 2015 on Thursday 5th March as a ‘come to school dressed as a character from a book’ opportunity.  We did this last year too and pupils have been eager to repeat the fun!  Pupils should also bring a favourite book into School on that day, one that they are able to talk about, as there will be ‘sharing’ opportunities and ‘speaking and listening’ activities on this ever-popular day of the School calendar.

Comic Relief.
Dance until Your Nose Goes Red on Friday 20th March
We are delaying our involvement in Comic Relief by one week because so many children are involved in Kettering Eisteddfod.  But we have some great fun planned.  I hope that you will allow your child to attend our dance event on the afternoon of Friday 20th March.  We ask for a minimum donation of £1 and hope that you will want to give a lot more to help the children support

             Yours sincerely
            Mrs Maria Chapman