Issue 90 - 29/01/15

Dear Parents

Here is the latest news from St Peter’s School and Sunnylands Nursery.

The Pied Piper approaches!
With the entire show’s scenes set last term, the focus in more recent rehearsals has been to get from start to end independently, with less and less teacher guidance.  Our amazing cast is really starting to take the show on as their own and we are very much looking forward to presenting it to an audience.  The excitement mounts!
We have begun to weave in the involvement of all pupils in School.  Although the performers on stage are from Key Stage Two, there is always a way in which the entire school can be involved.  Pupils have been modelling clay rats and painting them when set.  We also have a fabulous ‘curtain of rats’ in preparation, which will mean that the curtain raised will feature the work of all pupils at St Peter’s School.  It is great to have ideas suggested by the entire team at St Peter’s School….this one came from our Site Superviser Mr Holmes, who has been painting the set with Miss Perkins and Mrs Haynes.  Teamwork is a quality we want to instill in pupils, so School staff like to lead the way. :)
Performers’ parents received a letter about ticket purchase on Monday, so that they have an earlier chance to secure seats.  There are two performances taking place: on Wednesday 11th February and on Thursday 12th February.  Tickets will be widely available to the School community next week (£6 adult, £1 child), so check your inbox for the information on Monday. 

Sunnyland Nursery News
The Nursery children have been making some creative work based on the story of the Pied Piper. This is on display in the children's section of Kettering Library, where you will see some charming rats leading a line of children following The Pied Piper.  There is great excitement in the Nursery at the prospect of watching a dress rehearsal soon.  The ‘Home Corner’ in
Sunnylands Nursery has become a Police car :) Children have enjoyed dressing in fluorescent jackets and deciding when to dial 999 for assistance.  A range of walkie-talkies are being constructed from old empty boxes by our budding young designers!

French Day in Key Stage Two
Key Stage Two French Day launched with a mini concert involving all the children, organised by Maestro Cruickshank, who accompanied the pupils’ performance of the song ‘Lundi Matin’, which also involved piano, recorder, violin, guitar and ocarina sections being played by pupils.
The judging of Year Three and Year Four Epiphany crowns brought a first ever ‘everyone’s a winner’ result to the proceedings.  Year Three performed a lovely song about parts of the body. Year Four presented a rap about the seasons. Year Five and Year Six sang a traditional French song to the polka tune Gugusse. Accompanying them were two violin players, dancers and singers. Year Six had written a short epiphany play which they acted out, providing proud moments for themselves and for all the teachers witnessing this very high quality work.  Well done Year Six! There then followed a house relay race with a difference… no running, but instead heel to toe walking, with the sole purpose of passing a galette to the receiving house team member.  Well done to Grafham on their win! The afternoon was rounded off with jus d'orange and brioches, splendidly served by Monsieur Fontaine. What a great afternoon! All the children gave their best and a fantastic time was had by all. Madame Vert was particularly pleased with the efforts made by pupils during French Day this year to improve their French accents-I think the fun helped them relax and just enjoy the language.

The next bulletin will be issued after half term when there will be a full report about the woes of a rat-infested Hamelin.  If you want to find out more before then, you are encouraged to come along to see if Hamelin manages to rid itself of rats and learn valuable lessons about solve its dreadful problem…come to the show!

School Assembly: Invitation to Year Four parents
If you have a child in Year Four then you are warmly welcome to attend their class assembly, presented to the School next week.  This date was featured in the Calendar card at the start of the year so hopefully it features in diaries. I am sure the assembly will be one to remember!

Year Five School Assembly
Children and visiting parents were taken on a journey through time to look at work conditions for children in the Victorian era.  Through drama and music, the class cleverly presented their own dramatisation of a series of tableaux’s which helped even our younger pupils appreciate the more fortunate circumstances in which they find themselves in this day and age.

Reception Rainbow Work
Mrs Haynes writes “In Reception we have been working on our topic, ‘Noah’s Ark’. The children have made ‘rainbow tapestries’ by weaving a variety of collage materials into garden mesh. They have used the ‘Notebook’ program on the interactive whiteboard to draw and label a picture of Noah, and have enjoyed drawing a design for their very own ark which they then built using Lego. In Literacy lessons the children have sequenced the Noah’s Ark Bible story and written speech bubbles for Noah. In Mathematics they were excited when completing a 3D shape hunt. A new number bond game was learnt and the children were encouraged to consider how to measure weight. We have had a busy and fun half term so far!”

Year Five and Year Six Residential
A reminder goes out to parents of pupils in Year Five and Year Six that a deposit of £45 is requested by Friday if you would like your child to go on the Residential Trip in May to Govilon.  There will be an information meeting about the trip in Sunnylands Hall on Wednesday 4th February at 3.45pm for parents and children in these classes.

Kettering and District Eisteddfod
If your child won a trophy last year that contained instructions for its return please remember to do so by 1st February.  Practices in school for the forthcoming Eisteddfod are continuing apace but children are also reminded that the bulk of the practice should take place at home.  Great practice can lead to great success! news here

            Yours sincerely
            Mrs Maria Chapman