Issue 89 - 15/01/15

Dear Parents

Welcome to the first bulletin of Lent Term 2015.  With After School Clubs back in session this week, homework resumed and Lent Term curriculum projections distributed, this middle section of the academic year is very much in progress. I look forward to the pupils making our School News fortnightly bulletin a testament to their enthusiastic grasp of learning opportunities and involvement in our many school events that lie ahead.  We all love our School when it is vibrant and busy, and that sense of belonging was particularly evident last Wednesday when I witnessed the smiles of pupils returning after the Christmas holidays!

New Year School Assembly 
In last week's School Assembly pupils found out more about how the New Year is celebrated in England.  We also considered how other cultures bring in the New Year.  There was a contemplative point in our assembly too, when pupils considered of the opportunities that lie ahead and the chance to turn a corner, making a fresh start.  In a Key Stage Two assembly led by Mrs Van Rensburg, pupils were able to come up with the following New Year philosophical fragments:  'it is better to look forward than look back', 'a forward rolling stone gathers no moss', 'you can learn from your mistakes so that you don't make them again' and 'in bad times always know that things will eventually improve'.  Plato, Socrates and Aristotle would be very approving of these words of thoughtfulness!

Reception Readiness
Children in Reception Class were excited to welcome back some of Sunnylands Nursery's Reception Readiness pupils back into their classroom after the Christmas break.  Reception Readiness sessions are offered to Sunnylanders who will be starting Reception Class at St Peter's School in September 2015, which suddenly does not seem too far away!  Just before the holiday, our Reception Readiness group had enjoyed sharing news and learning to sing 'Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer'. This week they listened to the story of Noah's Ark and discussed the different animals being herded onto the ark. During the rest of the year Reception Readiness will continue to join Reception Class for a weekly session, to enjoy a variety of activities and become familiar with the classroom and routines. 

Year One News
Year One had a busy start to Lent Term, starting some work on identifying birds so that they can participate in the Big Schools Bird Count later this term. Some very detailed painting and drawing accompanied this lesson. There was also great excitement in their Art lesson; Year One has been working with clay to make rats that will form part of the set design of our forthcoming production of The Pied Piper.  This session also linked in well with the class's new science topic: Materials, with pupils being able to describe the texture of the clay material.

Key Stage Two French Afternoon
On Friday, pupils in 3JCF, 4AH, 5JL and 6CV will take part in an afternoon of French activities as part of their French Day celebrations, a time when French takes over much of the day.  We have yet to work out a way of weaving French into the swimming timetable. :)  In the afternoon the children will take part in a relay, involving "galettes".  Far from chaotic, we anticipate this event will be fun and frantic! French songs and dances will be presented by each class, relating to the French topics studied so far during this academic year. We particularly look forward to 6CV's presentation of an Epiphany play.  The entire Key Stage has rehearsed a French song about the days of the week.  I was most impressed with their confidence in singing complex verses in French when I heard the children earlier today in a rehearsal.  On Friday we will also judge the Epiphany crowns made by 3JC and 4AH.  All of this French fayre will be rounded off with a feast of juice and pastries provided by chef cuisinier Fountain.  As detailed in the text sent out yesterday, Key Stage Two pupils will need to wear house Tshirts on Friday, in readiness for the exciting Galette Relay!

Jumping back to the future, we now have the fun of building new memories throughout Lent Term! 
The next bulletin of school news and information will be issued on 29th January.

And a quick glance back......
Those attending Tuesday night's PTAFA meeting spent some time celebrating the success of the 2014 PTAFA Christmas Fayre, which saw an increased number of school families involved in either coming along, running stalls or better still, doing both!  Look out for the next PTAFA Minutes which will confirm the final amount raised. Thank you once again to everyone concerned for making this an unforgettable event!

Thanks are extended to the many parents who stayed back to speak to teachers at the end of the Carol Service which completed Michaelmas Term.  We know that so many families value this formal and spiritual end to the first term.  Well done to all the pupils for remembering so many words, as well as all the various aspects of moving on and off the altar.  Teachers and parents were very proud of the way you sang, behaved and took part in our St Peter's School Carol Service.

The Christmas Theatre trips were greatly enjoyed by pupils last term. Thank you to parents for making this possible for pupils.  A school trip out is a vital and valued part of school life, which pupils remember for years to come. Key Stage Two saw a performance of Merlin at the Royal Theatre in Northampton. The play was impressively produced, with innovative staging, well-handled battle scenes and an interesting amalgamation of traditional legends and modern elements.  Reception Class and Key Stage joined in with rhymes, song and games in a production of Dear Santa, staged at the Corby Cube Theatre.  Two of our pupils were lucky enough to go on to the stage to help Santa and the elf! The story had a moral and encouraged the children to think of others rather than just what presents they might want.  Boys and girls- teachers have all commented on your exemplary behavior during these trips.  Well done!

A reminder about Year Five Class Assembly
As outlined in the Calendar Card distributed at the start of last term, Mrs Lee and 5JL will be leading School Assembly on Thursday 22nd January.  Parents of pupils in this class are warmly welcome to attend. Please arrive at the School Office from 10.20am from where you will be advised when to go up to the Hall, when the children have finished their assembly rehearsal.

            Yours sincerely
            Mrs Maria Chapman