Issue 88 - 04/12/14

Dear Parents

Preparation for Christmas here at St Peter's School and Sunnylands Nursery is a time of community for us all: pupils, families and staff.  There are a number of important events coming are aimed to bring us all together.  We also have some fun times planned for all our pupils!  In this last bulletin of Michaelmas Term there follow some reminders of these key moments...

Come and see the reindeer at St Peter's School PTAFA Christmas Fayre!
Oh what fun there will be!  Ditch the gadgets, forget the stress of Christmas shopping and instead come and join in with all we have in store for you at this year's Christmas Fayre.  We have so many parents helping this year.  Thank you!  Please come to the Fayre and support the children and parents who have really gone to great lengths to ensure that a fun, festive, family time is on offer.  There are lots of stalls that are aimed at the children and others too that provide Christmas present-purchasing opportunities.  Bring your friends and their children too!  We have a 'Beat the Goalie' competition, a 'Wellie Wanging Challenge'- with The Golden Wellie Wanging Boot being awarded to the adult who throw the furthest.  A crisp £5 note will presented to the child who wangs that wellie the furthest!  We have lovely refreshments being served in the Art Mobile, near which there will be a barbeque on the go for those of us who need bacon sarnie sustenance to get through the excitement of the morning. :) But most importantly, THERE WILL BE REINDEER!  Come along!  Support your School and Nursery!  As the children sing in one of their favourite hymns...."it's you that builds community!"

St Peter's School Carol Service
The St Peter's School Carol Service takes place on Wednesday 17th December, at the Parish Church of Ss Peter and Paul, Sheep Street, Kettering, starting at 10.30am.  Pupils will need to arrive at school at the usual time, in 'extra smart' school uniform, including blazer and school cap/hat (not winter woolly hat) and coat. The service will be led by Revd Dominic Barrington, with St Peter's School pupils contributing to the readings, music and prayers. All family and friends are warmly invited to attend the Carol Service. This occasion is made even more special to the children knowing that they 'have' someone in the congregation to share in their spiritual preparation for Christmas. 

Sunnylands Nursery & St Peter's School Reception Class present 'Humph the Camel'!
What a delight to see our children engaged in creating such Christmas magic on stage together yesterday.  Through song and story we were told about Humph the Camel who, despite being a very hard working camel, had not been blessed with the gift of being able to make good conversation.  All he could ever say was 'Humph!'  However, it was when he was on a very important job with two other camels, taking three noble kings on an important journey that he had his moment of epiphany. As he gazed upon the face of a baby boy lying in the manger he was filled with such joy that he too was able to join in a song of praise.  This was a memorable and joyful moment for all of us in the audience too, and I thank parents for fully engaging in the performance as audience members rather than gazing at the screen of a mobile phone while filming the moment.  Well done to all the boys and girls of Sunnylands Nursery and Reception Class of St Peter's School for bringing a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas to us all.

Christmas Theatre trips, Lent Term return date & reminder of Pied Piper rehearsal on Thurs 8th Jan!
The vast majority of parents have now used Parent+Pay for these trips.  Thank you!   I do hope the children enjoy the magic of the theatre next week (Y3-Y6 on Tuesday, Rec -Y2 on Wednesday).  Trip reports will follow in the first bulletin of Lent Term which will be out on 15th January 2015.  The first day of Lent Term is Wednesday 7th January.  There will be a Pied Piper rehearsal after school on Thurs 8th Jan.

Independent Schools Association Swimming Gala
Nineteen pupils from Years Four, Five and Six represented the school in Birmingham last week.  Mrs Van Rensburg reports that for our younger swimmers the 50 meter distance proved an arduous challenge, yet they all managed to step up and perform brilliantly on the day.  The experience of our older swimmers was apparent in the results achieved, with Year Six pupils Oliver Laskey securing a 6th and Orla Drury a 7th place in their individual events. We are also very proud of our Year Six boys' team who came 9th overall - a real achievement considering they were competing against twenty three other I.S.A schools. Well done to our team!

Year Six lead School Advent Assembly
Last week Year Six brought in the season of Advent for us all with a very impressive, informative and entertaining assembly, set out in the form of a TV programme.  There was a presenter; a camera operator and all manner of roving reporters helping us understand more fully the significance of this season of preparing for Christmas.  Elements of their curriculum studies were also cleverly woven into the script so that we were able to hear a range of literacy work including poetry, journalistic writing and instructional writing.  I would like to share with you all Alexander Bowie's poem, which shows incredibly mature perception as he makes the comparison between our expectations for Christmas this year and what Christmas can mean to those cowering in the shadow of the Ebola virus.

1KS and 2MW present 'Celebrating Christmas'
This morning's performance brought an unforgettably impressive array of group speaking, song and instrumental work using ocarinas, tuned and untuned percussion, highlighting the children's glee at the mounting excitement of Father Christmas's visit and their wonder at the simplicity of Jesus's start in the world.  Our boys and girls performed with great aplomb and astonished us all with their ability to memorise so much verse and song lyrics. Well done to everyone involved in 'Celebrating Christmas'. 

Bon Voyage Mrs Dreyer!
I am sure that families will join me, the School Governors and staff in wishing Mrs Dreyer all the very best as she finishes teaching at St Peter's School at the end of this term, after over ten years here, to embark upon her very exciting travels which also involve some valuable Christian missionary work.

           The Governors, Headmistress and Staff of st peter's school & Sunnylands Nursery 
           wish you a joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year

            Mrs Maria Chapman