Issue 87 - 20/11/14

Dear Parents

I can faintly hear the distant sound of jingle bells as pupils start thinking about Christmas, whilst teacher steer them towards the coming weeks of school work. We love Christmas at St Ps but we are also keen not to start celebrating too early, so please help us by encouraging your children to stay focussed on class work and on homework.  We still have three whole weeks of work to get through boys and girls.  We can do it!

Gretton and Rockingham Speedway Visit by Y4
Year Four continued their Geography studies with a visit to the village of Gretton to see for themselves just how close to the village  Rockingham Motor Circuit has been built. While in Gretton it was appropriate that being Armistice Day, Mr Holmes and the class visited the local war memorial.  The pupils were able to relate all the work covered in school about Remembrance Day to the memorial there. They then moved onto the racetrack itself, where the children also participated in a moment of silence for Remembrance Day.  They were then given a very comprehensive tour of the facility by the chief press office who was a mine of information about the building of the facility and the interaction with the local community.  This was information invaluable to our Geography topic.

Come and Play days in Sunnylands Nursery & other Nursery News
Sunnylands Nursery staff and children welcomed parents of children new to us to 'Come and Play', which enabled mums and dads to spend a nursery session or two with their children. Judging from the feedback we have been given, the grownups found this window on their child's world an enjoyable and enlightening experience.
Rehearsals for a special concert have started and details of the fun events before our Christmas break have been circulated, so we are all looking forward to a busy, fun packed last part of the Michaelmas Term. Please look out for your letter outlining what costume we would like you to provide for the Christmas Concert and don't forget to book your tickets.

Heroes for Children In Need
Friday's Pudsey Drive saw dice being thrown fast and furiously, but all with an element of fun, in a bid to find out who could get all the numbers required to draw a whole Pudsey.  The sweetie prizes were an added incentive I think! On Monday morning no one could find the Headmistress, who was replaced on morning drop-off by Cat Woman.  There was further intrigue when Bat Man turned up to teach Year Four all day.  Many pupils chose to take on the Hero challenge for Pudsey.  We had some really imaginative ideas and costumes from pupils.  Thank you everyone.  £210 was raised all together.

6LD Class Assembly
Just a reminder that, as stated on the School Calendar Card, 6LD will be leading a School Assembly on Thursday 27th November.  Parents of pupils in that class are warmly welcome to attend.  Please come to the School Office at 10.15.  The assembly starts at 10.25.

School Council report
Our School Councillors met recently to start planning for some of the work ahead this year.  One area of interest they wish to pursue is linked to Diabetes. I was most impressed to hear the Council's views on sugar and its effects upon children, as well as the long term effects of high sugar consumption.  There will be some awareness-raising sessions planned by the School Council during the course of the year.  One of the challenges will be a 'no sugar-low sugar' Cake Stall.  The School Council are aiming to provide parents with information too.  This idea came from the children which is why I am doubly impressed and also feel compelled to support them.  I hope that you will too. 

The next bulletin will be out on 4th December when there will be a report about the Christmas Concerts, soon to be presented by pupils in Sunnylands Nursery, Reception, 1KS and 2MW.  Don't forget to order your tickets if you have a child in one of these classes!

Pied Piper update
Pupils have been turning out faithfully to all rehearsals and on the whole, children have been extremely responsive to the directors.  Mrs Eyles and Mrs Cruickshank have very nearly set all the scenes and many songs have been learnt too.  Costumes need to be sorted out and this is a lengthy process.  Some parents have asked how to purchase the soundtrack. Just search on ITunes for The Pied Piper album sung by Starshine Singers. You will have to download ITunes and set up an account if you do not have one.
Cast members will be expected to know the script and the song lyrics off by heart, because from January no scripts will be allowed in rehearsal!  This is advance warning and will give cast members something to do if they are bored during the Christmas holidays. :)
We are also looking for a few parents to help us assemble the stage on Saturday 13th December at 9.30am.  This is a heavy job and not suitable for anyone with a weak back.  It is also a chance for you to use your electric screw driver, because basically we have to put together a stage out of what is currently a flat pack lying in the school cellar.  Children should not come along to 'help' on December 13th please.  This is just for the grownups to sort out.  If you can help then please let me know via the School Office and I will add you to the stage construction team lis

PTAFA Ghost Hunt
The rain finished before the much anticipated Ghost Hunt last Friday. Thirteen apparitions performed their annual haunting of the School grounds, with some notable overacting, much to the delight of nearly two hundred aspiring Ghostbusters.   The evening ended with hot dogs and a drink, prepared by lots of helpers. Everyone who took part in any way is thanked and particularly Mr Holford, for once again being Ghost Gatherer Extraordinaire.   The evening will have raised a large sum for the PTAFA funds. The next PTAFA meeting is on Dec 2nd at 7.30pm and the next event is the Christmas Fayre at 10am on Saturday 10th December. Look out for some exciting news about this soon!

               Yours sincerely
            Mrs Maria Chapman