Issue 86 - 06/11/14

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the second half of Michaelmas Term. 

With parent consultations having taken place following the October assessments, teaching targets have been further sharpened and it is full steam ahead for pupils on the road of progress!

Here is the latest school news:

St Peter’s School supports Children in Need 2014:
This year we have two events planned............
On the afternoon of Friday 14th November, pupils in Reception through to Year Six are invited to join in a whole school game of Pudsey Drive, which promises to be great fun and an opportunity to mix our pupils up in age range, as we have done for past activity days.  We ask for a donation of £1 or more to join in the fun of Pudsey Drive for Children in Need.
Then on Monday 17th November we invite pupils of St Peter’s School to come to school dressed as a superhero. To do this you could: choose a pair of brightly coloured shorts to wear over leggings for the traditional superhero look. Draw and paint or colour in your personalised super symbol – this could be absolutely anything from your initials to something that reflects your superhero identity. Pin the paper or card shield to the front or back of a plain t-shirt. Use silver foil or stick glitter around the edges to make it stand out. Make a superhero eye mask with a pair of tights, a piece of fabric or card. Customise with glitter or sequins for a sparkly look or other embellishments to suit your superhero identity. Make a cape using an old sheet, bin liner or colourful beach towel. Cut into a wonky hourglass shape and add tape or string to tie it around your neck, or sew it onto your t-shirt. Attach your paper or card super symbol to a headband or piece of fabric to tie around your head. Create a utility belt with a fabric belt and tape. Attach some of your super utensils to it and spray with metallic paint to make them look extra super. Put on colourful knee-high socks (e.g. sports socks) or cut up a pair of tights to accompany the pants over leggings look. Wear a pair of wellies or wrap coloured duct tape around your shoes for the super cool look. To come to school as a superhero for Children in Need requires a donation of £1 or more per pupil. 
Please send enveloped money to the School Office with your child’s name and class on it, marked ‘Superhero & Pudsey Drive’ with £2 or more if your child is taking part in all the fun!
Finally, with Children in Need appeal night being on the same night as the PTAFA Ghost Hunt, we invite all ghost hunters to wear their Children in Need merchandise to the event, at which there will be a few coin buckets doing the rounds if any of you can amazingly muster further generosity to this good cause.  Thank you so much!

Year Five go back in time!
Just before half term, Year Five packed up their gas masks and were evacuated to Holdenby House, as part of their recent World War Two studies. Whilst waiting to be matched to host families, the staff at Holdenby taught Mrs Lee and her class how to ‘Make Do and Mend’ using old items of clothing and how to create rag rugs out of scraps of material.  They practiced air raid drills, trying out the Anderson shelter in the house grounds as well as examining the types of gas masks that were issued to all soldiers and civilians in the war.  The house cook demonstrated how to make the most of kitchen leftovers in order to create a delicious pie, as well as indicating the sizes of rations that a family were expected to live on.  A war time sing song to ‘the Major’ completed this wonderful day although some of the class were somewhat relieved that they were not actually going to be evacuated and were instead returning to St Ps!  

Please purchase your Ghost Hunt tickets soon as Monday 10th is the last chance to do so. 
Filled Operation Christmas Child boxes need to be in on Monday too. 
Share Your Work sessions are on Monday after school.  There is no Tennis Club on that day.

The next bulletin will be out on Thursday 20th November.

Year One Geography
Year One recently went out to the local area to use the housing on The Crescent to supplement their Geography work. They looked at the different types of houses surrounding us, comparing and contrasting their design and description, such as bungalow, terrace and semi detached. They were surprised to find out how many interesting things they could see upon closer examination, such as the water meter covers under their feet! They also discussed the various posts and notices along the street. Mrs Shakeshaft reports that apart from the Geography, the class were also lucky enough to get a close look at the moss growing on a wall, see three enormous spiders’ webs and listen to three beautiful white doves, enabling children to see the delight in the small, intricate and delightful detail of everyday surroundings.

St Peter’s School Conker Championship 2014 result
There was a Year Four victory this year with Aneesa Wickremasinghe winning the trophy and  Casey Lim of Year Six as runner-up.

Football Report
Mrs Laskey is not just a St Ps parent and an avid supporter of all our sports teams, but also a dedicated St P’s sports photographer and reporter! Of yesterday’s match played in chilly November sunshine, she writes: “This was a thirteen goal thriller with some excellent teamwork from our squad, who I thought showed some really good playing skills and a much improved ability and willingness to work as a team, resulting in them scoring four more goals than when these teams last met, preventing Naseby from running away with the score line, as they did before!”  Well done to the team!

Key Stage One Winter Games Morning
Key Stage One finished the half term with a much awaited and greatly enjoyed Winter Games Morning. They participated in a round robin of activities, Mrs Ward leading a tennis session, with a real emphasis on hand eye coordination. Another group concentrated on football skills, dribbling the ball around a course and through coloured hoops, the excitement building as they tried to score a goal past Mrs Shakeshaft! Meanwhile, Miss Perkins organised a series of games using hoops, bean bags and target nets.  The final activity involved the whole key stage jogging around the field, further building up their stamina - before eagerly tucking into their lunch!

              Yours sincerely
            Mrs Maria Chapman