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Nursery & Reception Christmas Concert

Our younger children presented a charming performance of Whoops A Daisy Angel yesterday.  Despite coughs and colds resulting in some absences, the boys and girls in Foundation Stage confidently told the story of a very muddled angel who yearned for a chance to shine and who was eventually given a most special job.  Songs were sung with sheer gusto and lines were delivered with the conviction that only children so young can convey! The faint glimmer of damp eyes was apparent among our appreciative audience. Well done boys, girls and teachers- you worked very hard and came up with a fantastic performance.

Pictures can be found on the Gallery Page

Key Stage One Christmas Concert

Pupils in Year One and Two used their Christmas Concert as an opportunity to take us on a guided tour through the varying ways in which Christmas is celebrated around the world.  Through song and narration we were told about the Christingle which originated from the Czech Republic, we heard about the origins of the Christmas tree’s significance coming from a German legend, and many other interesting facets of the Christmas celebration were also included. Carols from a variety of countries were sung, with a Swiss yodelling carol and a calypso carol from St Helena resulting in some particularly lovely singing.  Well done to a winning team comprising of pupils in 1KS, 2SW, Mrs Shakeshaft, Mrs Ward, Mrs Cruickshank, Mrs Tye and Miss Law.

Concert pictures are on the Gallery Page

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