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Christmas Concerts 2013

Many of you who are parents of children now older will probably recall with great fondness the significance of the Christmas Nativity Play.  I am in the most fortunate position to have seen many Christmas nativities over the years at St Peter’s School, and yet each year’s performances bring with them freshness to what is an age-old and well-told story. This year has been no exception:

On Wednesday the children of Sunnylands Nursery joined forces with the Reception Class of St Peter’s School to present their very own version of the Nativity, and what a special one it was!  The joy and anticipation of the Christmas story was apparent in the acting, narration and singing of children so young.  Reception Class led the way most ably, with confident performances brimming with character, and they were very well supported by the enthusiastic singing of Sunnylands Nursery children.

Earlier pupils in Key Stage One presented a self-assured traditional retelling of The Nativity.  Angels were angelic, shepherds were eager, the kings were stately and the holy family were suitably overawed by the wonder of their position.  This was a mature performance, with very capable narration, and some intricate instrumental playing supporting the songs, sung with usual vigour and resonance.  Well done to all of the children who brought alive once again the Christmas message for us.

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