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Key Stage Two Summer Concert

This year was the first time our Summer Concert had taken place against a distinctly wintry background but the unseasonable coldness was thawed by the warmth exuded from our very talented pupils!  In some schools, this talent refers to that possessed by a few children.  Here at St Ps we are keen to recognise the musical talent of each and every one of the children in our care.  Yesterday evening’s concert gave every child a platform upon which to sing and perform in a class band.  The range of musical skill on display was impressive.  Each class performed two pieces on their recorder or ocarina. It is notable to see that the transferable skills learned from playing these instruments have allowed some older pupils to start playing the oboe and flute and make such rapid progress.

Year Six pupils drew upon the principles of improvisation for their class performance, with pupils playing ‘free’ solo passages as well as reading musical notation. This is very high level work and our older pupils are to be congratulated on a very skillful performance. 

Year Three played a piece a composition ‘Everybody’s Holiday’ with the melody played in a round on ocarina and violins and accompaniments on percussion instruments and euphonium. The children played in eight different parts, which is a complex musical activity for children so young. 

Year Four’s class orchestra played ‘Wagons Rolling’ with the melody played on violins and glockenspiel, with guitar and xylophone accompaniments. 

Year Five played two up-beat pieces with parts for recorder, tuned percussion, guitar and accompanied on drums.

The class items were interspersed with vocal and instrumental solos from children in each year group. Some performers had competed in the Eisteddfod whilst others had recently taken music exams.


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