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First Meeting of the New Year

The first meeting of the new School Council will take place early in the new term, and those elected will be announced shortly afterwards. A big thank you to the outgoing Council below for their committment to reporesenting the children during the last academic year.

School Council Report 

Our School Councillors met recently to start planning for some of the work ahead this year.  One area of interest they wish to pursue is linked to Diabetes. I was most impressed to hear the Council's views on sugar and its effects upon children, as well as the long term effects of high sugar consumption.  There will be some awareness-raising sessions planned by the School Council during the course of the year.  One of the challenges will be a 'no sugar-low sugar' Cake Stall.  The School Council are aiming to provide parents with information too.  This idea came from the children which is why I am doubly impressed and also feel compelled to support them.  I hope that you will too.

Citizenship & British Values in Action

Our last set of School Councillors had a very special opportunity during their last school term in post, taking part in a question and answer session with the Mayor of Kettering, aimed at finding out more about the role and responsibilities of a mayor. The school councillors found out that Madam Mayor’s favourite engagement so far had been to pay a surprise visit to a couple who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  Year Four councillors were surprised to find that Madam Mayor had over 250 engagements throughout her year in post.  Year Five councillors discovered that a mayor is in position for a year.  Year Six councillors ascertained that Madam Mayor had decided to try and become mayor because she liked the area she lived in and wanted to promote the good things that go on in the community.   They also found out that the most important meeting she had attended during the year was the one where levels of council tax were discussed. Madam Mayor also explained to our School Council how mayors are elected and some of the duties they perform.  This was a fantastic opportunity for our School Councillors to find out about the formalities of our local council.

School Council Hopes to Raise Sugar-Awareness

An area of interest our School Council wish to pursue is linked to Diabetes. In a meeting earlier in the year, School Councillors set out their views on sugar and its effects upon children, as well as the long term effects of high sugar consumption.  Some awareness-raising sessions are planned by the School Council during Trinity Term, who will lead a School Assembly about the topic. 

One of the challenges they want to set out for is for parents: a ‘no sugar or low sugar’ Cake Stall.  The School Council would like to invite parents to send in simple low/no sugar recipes for cakes so that they can make up some recipe sheets which can be emailed out to parents ahead of the Cake Stall.  The date will be set soon and all proceeds from it will go to the School Council’s charity of choice: Diabetes UK.  

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