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Pied Piper

The Pied Piper was top quality in every sense. Acting was excellent, comic timing was perfect- particularly from children so young, and as ever, the singing was astonishing. This was an unforgettable production and
we are hopeful that those children involved will always remember what they did with a sense of great pride.
Well done Production Club and thank you to everyone who helped make this show the success it was!

Words can never accurately convey the magic that is created by a live performance. The dress rehearsal we
give to the pupils in Sunnylands Nursery, Reception Class and Key Stage One is always a special moment, when the hard work is first shared with fellow pupils. Seeing the excited and eager eyes of our young audience is thrilling.

The two evening performances were a sell-out which was just as well because the performances witnessed on those nights were exceptional. It is easy to forget that we are a little independent primary school when the standard of the productions given by the pupils and staff at the School is considered.

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