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St Peter's School is registered as a charity which seeks to establish, maintain, manage, develop and carry on a school for boys and girls.

St Peter’s School operates a means tested bursary to provide assistance when possible to benefit families experiencing financial hardship wishing to enter/remain at the School. A sibling discount is also operational.

Links have been made with a nearby state school resulting in some sharing of resources. The experience of a show given by a visiting theatre company was recently shared with pupils at the local state school, and they have also been invited to use the school site for sports events.

The School also supports the local Higher Education College by providing work experience for students, and this practice also benefits students from local secondary schools.

There is annual support of children’s charities, both by the School and its parents. For many years the School and its families have also supported Goodwill Children’s Homes, a charity that provides funding to give long term care and education to destitute children in South India.

Links with the community are well established; pupils donate Harvest produce to senior citizens’ organisations, and visit them at Christmas, providing musical and poetic entertainment.

Links have also been made with the local Church, for example, opening up the School’s grounds for the Church community to enjoy as part of their Open Gardens event, and opening up our site to St Michael’s Church for to use as a temporary place of worship when it needed to be closed for renovation.

Sunnylands Limited is registered as a charity No. 309914. Registered in England No. 00414674
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