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Easter Bunny Drive

Just after our return to school following the Easter break, forty four children and a lot of parent and teacher helpers enjoyed a rabbit themed Easter Bunny Drive. Parent Liz Vaughan designed the lovely child friendly game cards that explained how to play the game. The rules of the game were learnt quickly by any adults who had not taken part in a Beetle Drive before and then the fun started, as they guided the through the afternoon. Thank you to all of our helpers! After a chaotic trial run we settled down to play the six games. Dice rolled around the room as the children learnt that the faster you played the more chances you had to draw in all the rabbit body parts. At the end when the totals were added up the Key Stage One winner was Georgiana Barton and the Key Stage Two winner was Calypso Sellekaerts

PTAFA presents A Storytelling Area

Some children may recall that one part of the very special message which was given when we met to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday alluded to another PTAFA present arriving if everyone ‘was good’. Well, everyone must have been good because look what was installed at St P’s earlier this week!

We look forward to Mark Boddicoat joining us to use this lovely area with children on Founders Day during the PTAFA Family Funtime.

Pop up Circus

The weather was very kind to us last Friday afternoon, when the long awaited Pop Up Circus arrived. At lunchtime the Big Top looked anything but big, but by the end of the school day a large yellow and blue striped tent had appeared on the main lawn. An array of food, drinks and games were available for the spectators to savour before the performance. A huge amount of thanks is due to all those who helped in any way to run this activity. A lot of work went on behind the scenes to make it such a success.

The performers were very versatile, each taking several roles, juggling, hanging from the trapeze, spinning in hoops, clowning around and moving in ways that amazed the audience! This was a fantastic event and has raised in the region of £700. Fantastic!  


New Playground Equipment

THANK YOU TO OUR PTAFA We have a high quality adventure playground ready for our younger pupils to enjoy- thanks to PTAFA fundraising.  The practice of balance and the element of challenge and courage are all skills that should be developed in childhood, as well as those of numeracy, literacy and critical skills. I hope that pupils will enjoy this resource.  Thank you to all parents who attend PTAFA events, thus supporting the fundraising.  Special thanks goes to parents who actually run the events-look what you did!






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