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Our special day began with the entire School meeting in the Hall for a very special School Assembly at which someone (who looked remarkably like our monarch) graced us with her presence. I shall never be able to speak to our very own Mrs Arnold again without considering a courtesy!

A regal presentation of Poetry Vanguard certificates was followed by some footage of the Coronation and a short assembly aimed at highlighting to pupils the significance of some of the coronation’s pageantry and also the solemnity behind the religious ceremony. The coronation oath, the anointing, the receiving of the bracelets of sincerity and wisdom, the orb, the sceptre, the coronation ring and St Edward’s Crown...all these were briefly touched upon in a bid to explain to our pupils the seriousness of the coronation as well as the celebration it brought to a country recovering from post-war austerity.

And then the fun began! Pupils were placed in mixed age groups attached to a staff member who accompanied the groups during the course of the day to all activities. The aim was to give boys and girls across year groups and Key Stages a chance to mingle and have fun together. There were so many lovely moments witnessed by staff throughout the course of the day, outlining the friendship and care shown by older pupils to younger ones. Morning break was a ‘whole school’ affair, with us all gathering on the South Lawn to share snacks and stories of the first two activities. Mr Fountain deserves a very special mention because the entire day was a culinary challenge that he ably met, providing lunches for mixed groups, as well as helping towards the PTAFA’s arrangements.

And as to the activities themselves...Mrs Cruickshank, assisted by Miss Cruickshank, demonstrated a variety of dances including the Hulichan Roundabout, Elsden Circle Dance and Flying Scotsman. Skills such as how to promenade, single cast, double cast and thread the needle were also tried and caused much hilarity! The most delightful aspect of the dancing was the way in which every child in the school participated and danced with each other with such enthusiasm.

Mrs Bull and Mrs Eyles report that in the ‘jubilee cake icing room’ children iced cup cakes and shortbread biscuits in their own jubilee designs, further embellishing their sweet stuff with red, blue and white sprinkles or silver shimmer. The finished masterpieces were then placed in cellophane bags and tied with a jubilee ribbon... all in all a tasty bit of work!

Mrs Ward and Mrs Shakeshaft led an activity involving the creation of a mosaic of the Queen and the year 2012. The older children loved helping the younger ones. The finished masterpiece is proudly on display in Sunnylands Hall so remember to have a look at it during Founders Day.

Square bashing, led by Mr Holmes and Mrs Marshall, was a big favourite with so many children, who seemed to relish the opportunity of marching and responding to orders. :)

Meanwhile, the music room was transformed into a ‘pretend studio’ with each group not only learning the words and tune to Sing, but also then producing the song in an individual way. A couple of groups introduced harmony, some included instrumental accompaniment, but the one thing that all had in common was that they sang it with a real ‘groove’ and, in my opinion, out-Barlowed Gary himself!

What a colourful spread was laid out by the PTAFA for pupils at the end of the St Peter’s School Jubilee Celebrations! Thanks to the donations and work of parents who helped, pupils had a great time, and despite the heavens opening in readiness for what proved to be a very wet Jubilee weekend, there was sunshine and laughter in Sunnylands Hall, as the children ended the day with a celebratory tea party. I do hope that pupils will treasure the commemorative coin also presented to them by PTAFA.

A selection of photographs can be found on the Gallery Page

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