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We offer a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, delivering high academic standards, whilst promoting a well rounded educational development.

Our pupils are encouraged to develop lively, questioning minds so that they acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in all elements of study.

Homework is used throughout the school to support work covered in lessons.

We aim to ensure that all children make the most of their talents by extending the more able, whilst providing support for those who require it.

We set high standards and high expectations, emphasising the importance of doing one’s best both within and outside the classroom.

Reliability, consideration for others, good manners and self-discipline are all highly valued.

The school’s curriculum is based around the National Curriculum guidelines which have been enhanced to provide our pupils with the best possible education.

To ensure constant development and progression, the Headmistress and her staff regularly review curriculum content and delivery.

Sunnylands Limited is registered as a charity No. 309914. Registered in England No. 00414674
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