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St. Peter’s School has a proud musical tradition. All children from Reception to Y6 receive a music lesson with a specialist music teacher. Each key stage also enjoys a weekly choral lesson to extend the choral repertoire of the school.

In Year 2 children begin to learn to play the Ocarina. This instrument gives all children a gentle introduction into reading music notation and playing a simple musical instrument. Theses lesson continue in Year 3 by which time many children are very competent performer playing in assembly and in concerts.

In Year 4 all children learn to play the recorder and enjoy performing in assemblies and in the Key Stage Two summer concert as well as competing in the Kettering Eisteddfod.

During Lent Term pupils in Year Five and Year Six play a wide variety of instruments in a class ensemble. All those children who have individual instrument lessons are encouraged to play their instruments too, so that the ensemble has a rich musical texture, comprising of tunes and untuned percussion, recorders, drum kit and violins. We learn, rehearse and perform several pieces throughout the term reading from music notation . It is a fun way to play together, to listen to each other and to cooperate.




Pupils learnt a range of harvest songs and hymns for our Harvest Festival and PTAFA Harvest Supper. The resounding favourite was One World, which conveys a hopeful message in its lyrics.

Julie Unwin, offers individual vocal tuition at St Peter’s School.  Since leaving Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Julie has enjoyed an international career as an opera singer, performing also for the English National Opera, for Glyndbourne, the English Touring Opera and Welsh National Opera to name just a few.  Contact the Office for further details



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