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Early and Late Club are popular options of before and after school care used by parents of children at St Peter’s School.

Our intention is to offer a comfortable and relaxed environment where children can spend time before or after the formal start of the School day.

Early Club does not require pre-booking.  Late Club can either be pre-booked or parents can telephone the School Office before the end of the day to request that their child attends Late Club.

Early Club is open from 8 am.  Its staffing is consistent so that children get to know the Early Club leader quickly and a routine is swiftly established, promoting the family-feel of the School.

After School care is offered from the end of the School day until 5.45 pm.  

We aim to keep Early and Late Club fees as reasonable as possible.  Charges are invoiced in arrears at the end of each term, and are payable on receipt of invoice.

Please contact the School office for further details.

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