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Science Surprise Club in KS1

In the first Science Surprise Club session Mrs Burrows and her group thought about how seeds grow into plants and about what plants needed to grow: light, nutrients, water and warmth. Everyone planted their own sunflower seed so that our young scientists can monitor how they grow each week.

Another experiment was set up, this time planting sunflower seeds on a windowsill, in a cupboard, a fridge and outside. Club members will be checking over the coming weeks on the growth progress and reporting back to us.


Key Stage One Fun Maths Club

Children attending this club have been learning mathematical skills through a series of fun activities.  The first meeting of the club saw the children turn into detectives.  They had to use their code breaking skills to catch a thief and solve the crime. The two groups were given a grid containing letters and numbers to help reveal the code, a series of clues and a picture of potential suspects. Pupils worked co– operatively together to solve the mathematical calculations - there was a race to solve each clue quickly and be the first group to solve the mystery!
The children have also enjoyed practicing their counting skills through a throwing target game. Again the children were put into two teams, and pitted against each other to score the most points by throwing balls at different numbers on a felt dartboard. Mrs McCahill was very impressed with the way the children used quick mental methods of calculating, and how the children encouraged each other.  This week the children have enjoyed finding out about fractions through a fun art activity.  Detailed discussions were held at the beginning of the session where children asked to think about which fraction of a chocolate bar or pizza they would prefer. Lots of the children were thoughtful and suggested that they would rather have a quarter instead of a half as they did not want to be too selfish!   We then started to create fraction collage pictures, and later on will record the fractions of the colours they have used to make the whole picture. 

Gardening Club

Member of Gardening Club are at present growing herbs which were obtained from the RHS children's   gardening website. We have taken cuttings from a variety of shrubs around the school and the group have taken them home to grow. We have planted the train outside Sunnylands Nursery with pansies.



Art & Craft Club

Over 300 cotton wool balls were used during Key Stage One Art Club to create large pictures of snowmen.  The children went on to ‘dress’ the snowman by drawing and decorating scarves, hats and buttons.  They also enjoyed adding on the final touches of eyes, mouth and of course the allimportant carrot shaped nose!

Craft Club

Years Three and Four have been very  busy in Craft Club and have enjoyed making Chinese Dragon puppets to mark Chinese New Year in early February.  They have also made some simple bird feeders using cereal, pipe cleaners and ribbon in various shapes, to mark Big School Bird Watch 2016.  Examples of the work can be seen  on some of the trees near the Sunnylands lawn-but you will be lucky to find much of it left, as the feeders have been well used by the birds.

Guitar Club

Children attending Guitar Club have been mastering the chords of G D and A7 to accompany two songs: 'Lord of the Dance' and 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. They are now practicing for our forthcoming  Summer Concert.  Numbers are smaller this term because some of its members are involved in preparations for Eisteddfod competitions.

Meet the Raspberry Pi Gang

Reeve Lim, Jude Alton, Teddy Hatlem and Ryan Lewin are our first pupils who will be working with computer hardware, puzzling out how to build a small computer and then programming for it too.  These are early days for this lunchtime computing crew.  We have the kit, we have the manual, we have the courage and we hope to eventually crack this conundrum!

Outdoor Games Club

This very popular club started last week with a large group eager to get fit and have fun. Any chance of basking in the glorious autumn sunshine faded quickly when Mrs Ward adopted her Team Coach persona and put our youngsters through their paces, as you can see from the photograph! Relay races, playing running games like Stuck in the Mud and the much loved traffic lights all led to red faced, puffed out pupils….and teacher too.  

Quiz Club in Key Stage One

Mrs Haynes’s club group have so far enthusiastically taken part in two quizzes. Mrs Haynes reports that in the first week an exciting game of ‘Name It’ was played.  The children were split into two teams and had to see who could make a list of ten boys’ names first, each name beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. They then answered various questions, such as “Can you name another English-speaking country?” The tension grew and grew! The final scores were 8 to 11. We are looking forward to more quiz fun next week!   

Drama Club

 Mrs Butler reports that her new ‘cast’ has made an enthusiastic opening to their dramatic experiences.  They have impressed with their mimes and freeze-frames and have, in pairs, risen to the challenge of finding another group with a matching improvisation prompt.   

Sewing Club News

The children in Sewing Club have made a good start on creating stuffed fabric sea life creatures.   They have persevered and have joined two fabric shapes together with a running stitch. They brought their fabric creation to life by sticking on felt pieces and goggly eyes. It looks as though they had fun in the making too!  

St Peter’s School Choir

Mrs Cruickshank reports that the first choir practice of the academic year took place last Friday. Over thirty children came along and work began with a song about a spider, which seemed most appropriate as it is the season when they seem to appear regularly in the most in the most unexpected places!

St Peter’s School Choir already has a booking for December 9th when we will be taking part in a carol service at Toller Church in Kettering. We will also be preparing items to sing at the Christmas Fair and the annual Carol Service at the end of term. 


Gardening Club

Our enthusiastic Gardening Club group met with Mrs Tye for the first session last Friday lunchtime.  Spring bulbs were planted and ideas are being germinated that will hopefully result in lots of lovely plants popping up all over the school grounds, courtesy of this green fingered gang!   

Guitar Club

Due to the high demand for places for this club Mrs Cruickshank is running it in two groups, each for half a term. The children have learned the names of the strings and how to play and read the notation for two notes so far. A little extra practice at home would definitely help the guitarists to progress at a quick rate, so parents, please coax your budding Bert Weedons to put in a little practice time at home too!  

Craft Club

Craft Club has started with an Autumn Theme this term.  Mrs Lee and Mrs Eyles helped the children mix their own salt dough using plain flour, salt and water. Leaves, fruit and flowers were modelled to create some beautiful harvest wreaths.  The dough now needs to be baked to harden it and then next week children will be painting and varnishing their creations ready for display.

Football Club KS1 and KS2

It looked like rain would stop play outside for our younger pupils at the beginning of this week. However, after a short ten minute session on skills on the interactive white board in Year 1’s class Mr Holmes was able to take the children onto the courts for a very enjoyable session. Meanwhile Key Stage Two were luckier on Thursday last week, when the sun shone and it was game on! The children practised basic skills in trying to develop their kicking, passing and accuracy skills.

Knitting Club

Last week Mme Vert helped members of this group to choose patterns ready for what they will be crafting patiently over the coming weeks.  We look forward to admiring the masterpieces created.

Thinking Games Club

There has been much scratching of heads and musing taking place in this Tuesday Club as pupils have set about solving the various cognitive challenges given to them.  

Netball Club

We have an enthusiastic group of Year Five and Year Six players taking the first half term slot of this club and Mrs V has already started the work required in training them up so that we can enjoy some matches later in the year

Running Club

There was a focus on stretching correctly at the start of the session I watched yesterday and then Mrs V put the children through their paces with an emphasis on light footwork.  Pupils were up for the challenge of building up their running technique and stamina.

Games & Puzzles Club

The first session started with a game of Jiggle! The aim of the game is to cover the board with pieces as determined by the throw of a dice. Jiggle produced many giggles and groans because when a six is thrown a piece can be taken from a neighbour’s board! A quick game of Hangman was also squeezed in before all too soon it was home time.

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