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Year Six Highlights

What a final term it was for last year’s Year Six pupils.  Before we waved good bye to them for their new schools, we first waved them off to adventures galore at Shugborough! Joined by Year Five, they joyfully, yet some still nervously, climbed the steps of the coach for five days of experiences to create lasting memories and special moments with their friends.  Their full account can be relived in the Residential 2016 article.

Founder’s Day 2016 brought with it the usual excitement and desire of the class to showcase their best work.  Canvas bags, which had been printed, stitched, painted or created from scratch hung from the window frames and in the top corridor for all to admire.  Taking centre-stage in the classroom were five large development plans and model buildings: in groups, pupils had designed a new urban area or rejuvenated a current location, ensuring that all amenities, economy, housing and access routes were provided for.

Academic Year 2016-17 continued where its predecessor left off for the Summer Holidays.  As the pupils of our current Year Six head towards their final term at St. P’s, we look back with fond memories and times of laughter.  They have impressed with their determination and desire to achieve.  The class are close-knit and have a pleasurable air about them, taking enjoyment in all they do. 

September arrived with the need for new leaders across the houses and school.  Appointments were made throughout the class and roles of responsibility were bestowed and willingly accepted. 

Year Six have attacked each challenge this year with gusto and a growing confidence.  Literacy and Mathematics have clearly taken precedence in the run up to SATs, but creative approaches were never far behind.  Art lessons allowed pupils to experiment with a range of textures and mediums.  They began with creating clay dream jars, as seen in ‘The BFG’, before painting what dreams would emerge from them; and stained-glass windows were the stimuli for our Christmas card designs.  Year Six would not have been Year Six without the annual Christmas Cake making and decorative box design, the latter of which included designing nets for dodecahedrons!

January brought us to our class assembly – the history and impact of storytelling on our lives.  The ghostly notes of ‘Thriller’ filled the room as Year Six began their assembly by dancing to a portion of the famous song.   Then, to introduce National Storytelling Week, the story telling began…  Pupils led the audience through the many routes of story, evidencing how stories have entwined themselves into our lives.  From the humble, yet magical, land of fairy-tale to the complex creation stories of many cultures, stories have entertained and informed.  The younger audience members enjoyed the re-creations of ‘Tinga Tinga’ which feature in one of their children’s television programmes; whilst the whole school loved deciding on which route our intrepid explorer should take in Year Six’s own ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.  The class performed an atmospheric rendition of Alfred Noyes’ narrative poem, ‘The Highwayman’.  (But what about ‘Thriller’?  What has that got to do with storytelling? It was the first music video that told a complete story.)

Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks have been our focus in History, whilst in Geography we have explored the Amazon region and raging rivers.  The pupils’ Egyptian jewellery designs were very impressive, but they were surpassed by their interpretations of the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes’ work.

Year Six have shown real passion during our Science experiments – most evident when investigating the properties that make bread go mouldy.  More recently, pupils used their knowledge of how light travels to make periscopes……then used them to spy on each other!

Writing-in-role has developed over the year and pupils have imagined themselves to be an Ancient Greek warrior participating in the Battle of Marathon; Sir Guy of Gisbourne declaring his love for Maid Marion and dislike of Robin Hood; Howard Carter or Lord Carnarvon after the discovery of Tutankhamum’s tomb; and even a water droplet making its way from the clouds to the ocean via the raging river sources and calm river mouths.

Time out of the classroom has included participation in the valuable workshop run by the local Emergency Services at Wicksteed last November. 

More recently, Year Six pupils were invited to attend an afternoon of classical music, provided by the National Philharmonic Orchestra and performed at Northampton’s Royal and Derngate Theatre.

There is still a term to go and there is no doubt that it shall be a term to remember with many exciting events ahead. Our Year Six pupils have proved themselves to be true St. P’s pupils and we are certain they will continue to shine when they take up their secondary school places.  


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