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Year Five Highlights

In September, Mrs McCahill   welcomed back her old Year Two Class and those pupils who had joined in the subsequent years, for she was now the Year Five teacher and they were now Year Five! 

Year Five is a time when children are encouraged to grow further in independence and show their readiness to take on the responsibilities awaiting them next year.

Literacy lessons have been a highlight this year and have seen children involved in debate and discussion, which have been used to create the foundations and stimuli for different genre of writing. During Lent Term children learnt to use poetic features such as personification, similes and metaphors to add effect to their poems. Demonstrating this knowledge the children produced fantastic poems of their own on the theme of personifying the classroom.   The children’s imagination went wild and they wrote about “recycling bins commenting about paper”, “pens boasting about who had the prettiest ink” and “tables wobbling like turbulent planes.” These are just a few of the many imaginative poetic sentences that the children have created. Practical activities during Science lessons have made learning more memorable and have been a definite hit in the classroom. Michaelmas Term saw the children testing different materials and their properties,  investigating different methods of separation and changing states involved tempting tasty treats and making jelly. These ‘hands on’ activities have stimulated discussion and increased a better understanding of science.


Our Earth and Beyond topic, saw lots of opportunities for research, and creating posters to display our new found knowledge, was a fun way of retaining facts.


In our Art lessons the children created beautiful pictures of animals and trees using a variety of natural materials. Initially, pupils used the internet to gain inspiration. Once they had gathered their thoughts and ideas, they sourced the autumn leaves, berries, feathers and seed cases needed to create their masterpieces. Other art highlights included creating 3d models of Andersen shelters set in a back garden.

In November the Year Five students shared a poignant assembly during which they reminded their fellow pupils about the significance of the poppy during the important time of Remembrance. They explained why we use poppies and not any other flower to remember those who have suffered in wars. They touched upon the story of Dr John McCrae, who was inspired by this weak and fragile flower growing amongst so much desolation.  The result was his famous poem “In Flanders Field. “   The children recited it with great feeling. They also told us about the Poppy Appeal, as well as how Armistice Day is celebrated around the world and by many different faiths. The assembly drew to a thought-provoking conclusion with the children’s poetic responses to the theme of “war and peace”.  Prayers remembering the brave soldiers from the distant and not so distant past were offered up, as were those asking  us to hold on to the hope that one day we will all live in peace.

After a fascinating study of the lives of children in World War Two, pupils then stepped back to Victorian times, investigating how children as young as 5 were expected to live and work in miserable and dangerous conditions and how these were improved by champions such as Dr Barnados and Lord Shaftesbury. We have been intrigued by the contrast between school life today and that experienced by Victorian children with their harsh discipline and austere condition.

In Geography the class have been busy brushing up on our map reading skills. We have used ordinance survey maps to identify symbols and scales and have gained an understanding of how to specify a location using coordinates and compass points. We also studied contours and leant how contours define the height and shape of areas of land. This led on to creating our own 3d Contour Maps using recycled boxes.  We were swamped in cardboard as everyone helped and encouraged each other to bring each design to fruition. The children really enjoyed this creative activity and spent every spare minute (even break time) to get their models completed.

In our RE lessons we have gained a greater understanding of the different faiths in our community. Studying Sikhism has led children to discover many similar ideas that are common to their individual religions. One particular lesson kick-started on what prayer means to each individual child.  Responses ranged from “asking for something and receiving it gradually”, “it’s a way of talking to God”, “asking for help for others” to “thanking God.” It was really encouraging to witness the respect and interest that all children showed to individual children’s religious beliefs and prayer rituals.

This class are already showing great leadership potential this year and we look forward to seeing these boys and girls setting a fine example when they take on the Year Six mantle next year.


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