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Year Four presented a most amusing school assembly all about how King Henry VIII found himself transported to 2017!  The stately monarch with the huge appetite to match his huge personality was shown around Kettering by a group of children.  He found the time differences very challenging and the children found their guest to be more than a bit of a handful!  There were plenty of laughs but also room for thought about how differently people lived in times past.

Learning and laughing is allowed at St P’s!

Year Four Highlights

It has been a very busy year in Year Four and the children have risen to all challenges set with an excellent spirit and an enthusiastic attitude. The children seem to have enjoyed all our Maths and English work, and many have statted that their favourite so far has been their storytelling performance in a Key Stage Two Assembly as part of storytelling week. Our topic looked closely at Kaye Umansky’s The Bogey Men and the Trolls Next Door, a narrative poem ideal for retelling as a performance to encompass all the elements of eye to eye, dynamic storytelling.

In Science Year Four have covered a variety of topics including Changing States, where they have looked closely at evaporation and condensation.


However, Mr Holmes is quite sure that if you asked the class which was their favourite experiment then they would all pick the one from their Human Nutrition Topic where they in effect created a very simple model of the intestine and colon…. and generally made a mess too, but have certainly learnt about the alimentary canal in the process!

Year Four have been enthused by their Geography and History topics throughout the year. Both subjects are closely linked, with History looking at the Tudors, Tudor Exploration and how knowledge of the world changed during Tudor times whilst in Geography the continents and countries of the world have provided more detail.  


Tudor Ships and information mountains about the Andes with a background of Drake’s voyage.


As part of Michaelmas Term's Geography topic saw Year Four visit the Kettering Recycling and Education Centre to find out more about how waste disposal and recycling can help to save our planet. The children had already begun to learn about the themes of ‘re-use, reduce and recycle’ in lessons and this practical visit helped them to put their learning into perspective. We were shown around the centre by the Education Officer who was able to clearly explain about all the various skips and their purposes and how important it is to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. The video on landfill that the children were shown brought home the need for this reduction and the children were all highly interested in the morning's visit.

All of this combined with trips to Rockingham Speedway and Gretton plus plenty of PE and Games, Winter Games Afternoons and our new interactive dance program (where the children have even been learning Tai Chi!) has meant it has been a fabulously busy year!  We just hope Year Four pupils have enough energy to take on the mass of events and learning that is still in store!

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