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Year Three Highlights

Year Three had an exciting start to the new school year, moving from the Key Stage One building to start life as pupils in Key Stage Two, housed in Sunnylands. The challenge offered from a more demanding curriculum was eagerly taken up by them! In Maths lessons they have been learning new ways to add and subtract, finding out more about different methods and strategies to multiply and divide and learning to look at a range of mental strategies and written methods to help answer both number questions and trickier word problems.  They have particularly enjoyed: working with 3D shapes, using Venn diagrams and other methods of sorting the shapes, measuring weights and capacities and using trundle wheels, tape measures, metre sticks and rulers to measure perimeters.

In Science, as a precursor to looking at rocks as a type of material, the children examined chocolate! They looked at different sorts, how some had holes, some were softer than others and the various shades of colour each had.  They then used their new knowledge of this to describe a selection of real rocks and categorise them using a set criteria.  Mr Burgham then led them through an investigation of different types of rocks, comparing them with each other to determine which was the hardest and the softest rock, using a table to record the results.  The children continue to enjoy carrying out practical investigations and activities to support their knowledge and understanding. 

Pupils have been able to use their design and artistic talents throughout their Art lessons, being able to use watercolours to mix colours and create silhouette paintings, design Roman inspired mosaic tiles, practise Anglo-Saxon weaving to create a piece of weaved material and using mod-roc to create a 3D model of a volcano, which the children are looking forward to see erupt! 

Through our History lessons we have had the chance to delve back into the British history; having found out about the Stone Age, Iron Age, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.  The children really enjoyed their visit back in time to Conkers Education Centre to learn about the Saxon way of life.  They met Alfred the Great, who explained to the children why he became known as ‘the Great.’  We were welcomed into a Saxon house where the lady of the house told the children about daily life and the sort of food and living conditions the Anglo-Saxons lived with.   

They have discovered about different weather and how the earth is made up underneath our feet and have discovered some of the ways in which the earth can become quite extreme, affecting different countries and communities.

We celebrated World Book Day having discussed Year Three pupils’ favourite books and came up with a large comprehensive list of stories and fairy tales. Each pupil chose a book from a hat and had to mime the story to the class for them to guess.  It was great fun to watch all the children act out parts of the story for others to guess.  Some were easier to guess than others!


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