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How is the school year divided?
There are three academic terms per year: Michaelmas, Lent and Trinity.  Each term is broken up with a half term of one week. 

How do I know what is going on in school life?
Links with parents are very important to us. A calendar is published at the start of each academic year, outlining key dates and events. The Headmistress issues a bulletin of information several times per year.  Letters to parents are issued with details of specific events. 

When can I see my child’s teacher?
A formal consultation is held during the first part of Michaelmas Term enabling you to receive a verbal settling in report from your child’s new class teacher.  A further consultation is offered during Trinity Term.  Should you need to arrange an appointment to meet with your class teacher at any other time of the year this can be arranged by contacting the School Office. 

Can I see my child’s school work?
Parents, grandparents and guardians are invited into the school each term to join us in a ‘share your work’ session.  Pupils are proud to present and discuss their work at these informal sessions.

How does the School assess my child’s progress?
Assessment takes place frequently and in many forms.  We want to find out what our pupils can do in order to ensure that they progress well. We view ongoing assessment as a positive process and not to find out what children cannot do!  

Formal assessments take place in October and May.  Informal assessment take place regularly and examples of these include end of topic tasks and spelling or mental maths tests.

The School takes part in end of Key Stage assessments in Year 2 and Year 6.  The progress of children in Nursery and Reception Class is tracked using the Foundation Stage Profile.

When do I receive a written report?
School reports are issued three times during each academic year.

When my child moves from class to class how does the School ensure that information in conveyed between staff?
Parents will be informed of their child’s next teacher after Trinity half term.  There is a formal meeting process between teachers to ensure that vital social and academic information is passed on. 

Are there school clubs available?
A wide variety of lunch-time and after school clubs are offered throughout the school year.  These clubs change frequently and parents are kept informed of those offered each term. 

Are there any other curriculum activities in which my child can take part?
Pupils can be coached in Speech and Drama, Ballet, Spanish, Piano, Flute, Percussion (drum kit) and violin.  There is an additional charge for these lessons which are given by external staff.  These lessons are in addition to those taught as an integral part of the curriculum.

Is before or after school care available?
We provide optional before and after school care outside normal school hours from 08.00  to 08.30 and 15.20 to 17.30.  Sessions are flexible, and can be booked on a regular or ‘as you need’ basis.  Charges are invoiced per half hour, in arrears and are qualify for inclusion in the current Government 'Childcare Voucher' Scheme.  Further details can be obtained from the Bursar. 

What do I do if my child is unwell?
If a child has had a temperature the previous night we advise that they should stay at home the next day, to aid recovery time.  If your child becomes unwell during the course of the School day we will contact you if we feel this is appropriate for the situation, and advise you to collect him/her from School.  All medication brought into School for adminstering by trained staff must be named, and daily dosage should be signed for in the School Office by a parent or guardian.

What if they have to attend a medical appointment?
A simple medical absence form should be completed in advance at the School Office.

General Absences
Please telephone the School Office if your child is unable to come to School.  Upon return, you will be given an absence form to complete to enable the absence to be authorised in retrospect. 

How do I know when the best time is to book family holidays?
Please refer to the term dates calendar to check term dates.   We hope that it is not necessary for parents to request absence from school time for holiday arrangements. 

Is homework set?
Homework is set for pupils to complete.  Its aim is to provide an opportunity for pupils to further practice skills covered in lessons, or to prepare for work to be covered in a subsequent lesson. We ask parents to support this policy.

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