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Payment of fees at the commencement of each term.
Fees, lunches, milk and music (if applicable) are invoiced in advance near to the end of each term for the following term. Payment is due before the first day of term to which the tuition fees apply.
Early/late  club  charges are  invoiced  termly  in  arrears.   Invoices  are  payable  within  7  days  of receipt.

Payment Methods
We accept payment by the following methods, in order of preference;
•  Direct Debit, please contact the Bursar for further details,
•  Debit/credit card (a 2% fee applies to credit card payments),
•  Banker’s  standing  order  directly  into  our bank account. 
    Invoices  show  our  current bank details, or they can be obtained from the Bursar,
•  Cheque, made payable to St Peter’s School. 
    Please enclose the tear off slip from the bottom of your invoice with cheque payments,
•  Cash under exceptional circumstances.
•  Childcare  Vouchers  are  available  for  payment  of  nursery  fees  and  Early/Late  club.
     Please contact the Bursar if you wish to make CV payments.

Monthly Payment Scheme
From your second term at St Peter’s School, we can  offer the option of payment for invoiced amounts  under  our  monthly  payment  scheme,  payable  by  Direct  Debit.   Please  contact  the Bursar  if  you  wish  to  pay  under  this  scheme  and  the appropriate  agreement  form  will  be provided for signature.

If no prior agreement is made, termly invoiced amounts (fees etc.) are due in full before the first day of each term.

Payment due dates for the monthly payment scheme are as follows;

Michaelmas Term
1st August
1st September
1st October
1st November

Lent Term
1st December
1st January
1st February
1st March
Trinity Term
1st April
1st May
1st June
1st July

Fee invoices due each term are divided by four for the monthly payment. Fees are reviewed and published annually.  

Late Payment of invoices
Any sums outstanding at the commencement of half term (except by reason of agreed payments under  the  monthly  payment  scheme  above) will  incur  an  interest  charge equal  to  10%  of  the outstanding balance which shall be added to the sums due and shall be payable immediately.

Notice to leave
A full  term’s notice  is required  before removal of  a  pupil  from  St  Peter’s  School;  otherwise  a full term’s fees must be paid in lieu of notice. Six weeks notice is required to leave Nursery.  Notice must be in writing and received by the first day of the last full term. Notice will be acknowledged within 5 days of receipt, and if no acknowledgement is received by you, you should assume that the notice has not been received.

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