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A lovely big group of children, with four who were new to St Peter’s, all settled happily and quickly into Reception routines. Since then they have been very busy working hard and enjoying being part of the wider school community.

In our Literacy lessons we have been working on developing excellent blending and segmenting skills with the help of our puppet friend ‘Fred the frog’; the children are becoming confident readers and keen writers, learning how to use and interpret punctuation. We have spent a lot of time thinking about different forms of writing and ways of communicating; for example, we have written descriptive seasonal poems, postcards, speech bubbles, and instructions for how to take care of baby chicks. The children particularly enjoyed creating their own imaginative ‘troll’ characters after reading ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, and writing an imaginative recipe for a ‘disgusting sandwich’ which could scare away the seagulls in the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’!

During Mathematics lessons we have created 2D shape patterns by printing with 3D shapes, enjoyed learning songs about number bonds, the days of the week and months of the year, and have had fun counting in twos as we line up to go to lunch in the Hall. Reception have created symmetrical butterfly pictures with paint, weighed classroom objects with scales, and learnt to identify ‘o’clock’ times on analogue and digital clocks. The children were interested to learn how to write with tally marks, find doubles to 10 with their fingers, identify odd and even numbers by whisper counting the odd numbers to 20, and share pirate treasure by halving the hoard! Reception especially enjoyed developing their Mathematics skills outdoors; they were excited to go on a ‘coin hunt’ around the playground and describe what they found, and they worked with great interest when measuring three chalk paths, one straight, one curved, and one twisted, by counting how many steps it took to walk them.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about the world in which we live. During our ‘Nature Detectives’ topic, bird watching and hunting for ‘minibeasts’ outside with magnifying glasses caused great excitement. The children learnt and performed a poem about Autumn leaves and had a lot of fun collecting sticks outside to make mini broomsticks! They worked particularly hard to create lovely red and grey wool squirrels, as well as paperplate British birds and pebble spiders with pipe cleaner legs

During our ‘Holidays!’ topic the children listed facts about Victorian seaside holidays, designed a map with a key, and enjoyed role-play activities in the Reception Class ‘Travel Agents’. After learning about the Great Barrier Reef they drew and decorated giant tropical fish with marbling inks and a variety of collage materials.


The children then carefully studied paintings of the sea by various famous artists, such as Hokusai and J.M.W. Turner, to inspire them to create a class ‘sea tapestry’ by weaving strips of fabric into a plastic mesh. The children particularly enjoyed listening to a composition called ‘Fingal’s Cave’, written by the famous composer Felix Mendelssohn; they thought about how the music represented the calm or crashing waves of the sea and, as a class, stood along the sides of a long piece of wallpaper painting their representations of the sea in time to the music.

The children loved making Chinese dragons for Chinese New Year and paper shields on St George’s Day, and created beautifully delicate pictures of hyacinths when learning about the season of Spring for our topic ‘Spring Time’. Reception composed interesting ‘growing’ music with percussion, made funny Humpty Dumpty split pin puppets, and using the interactive whiteboard drew pictures of holiday scenes and learnt how to use a keyboard, mouse and Google to find and save pictures of daffodils.

I hope that the children are looking forward to all that is to come in Trinity Term, when their new topic to explore will be ‘Castles’. Well done for your hard work so far, Reception Class!

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