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Year One Highlights

September saw another class of eager faces climbing the stairs to the Key Stage One area. Talking to the children in the first few days it was clear that they were looking forward to learning more and to joining clubs with Year Two.

As part of their Geography lessons, Year One walked along the Crescent to look at the different types of houses found close to school. Mrs Shakeshaft was impressed by the number of different things the children noticed whilst walking and the sensible questions that they asked. Pupils were also able to extend their mathematical knowledge on the walk because they looked at the house numbers and noticed that all the even numbers were on one side of the street and the odd numbers were on the other side!

The end of September saw Year One taking part in an exciting afternoon creating Amazing Outdoor Art. Along with Year Two they collected natural materials from around the school garden and then worked in four groups to create a picture using some of the things they had found. The grand finale was a picture of a face which all of the children helped to create.

In November to celebrate Children’s Book Week, Year One told the rest of the school about a funny book we had been reading called Funny Frank by Dick King Smith. The children enjoyed this tale about a chick that wanted to learn to swim!

In December Christmas activities took place alongside the usual curriculum lessons. Year One enjoyed a Key Stage quiz and an afternoon of seasonal art activities. They also had a fabulous time of fun, games and dancing at their party.

In their History lessons Year One have looked at toys in the past and present. They have handled some old toys and talked about how they differ from the toys they play with at home. The children have used a wide range of words to describe the toys such as tatty, hard or rusty. They have used the knowledge gained in Science lessons to talk about what materials have been used to make the toys. The children were amazed to discover that some toys have been around for a long time such as a Rubik’s Cube which was first invented in the 1980’s making it now more than 30 years old.  Our mathematical knowledge was also extended because we discussed decades.


Year One pupils have been investigating materials in their science lessons. They have talked about solids and liquids. In a particularly exciting lesson they were faced with a series of liquids which they had to try and identify. The first discussion was about which of the senses it was safe to use. We all agreed that it was dangerous to taste unknown things. We tried just looking before using a spoon to help us feel the different textures of the liquids.  At the end of the lesson we put all of the liquids into one clear cup and left it on the window sill to see what would happen. Julia was particularly keen to update everyone about how she could now see the different liquids as stripes in the cup!

Year One are looking forward to the rest of this school year and Mrs Shakeshaft thinks they should all be very proud of the progress they have made so far!

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